Storage complex for biological materials 'MIRAI Bio'


‘MIRAI Bio’ is a low-temperature storage complex for biological materials which provides a new and efficient solution for the storage of a wide range of pharmaceuticals and biological materials within a temperature range of -40°С to -80°С.

This range of temperatures makes it possible to maintain biological materials at high quality, while extending their storage life as well.

Our technology is developed for the benefit of the following institutions: health care institutions, research and educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies, biobanks and other depositories.

Features of MIRAI Bio complex

The Eeasy to use and control complex ‘MIRAI Bio’ complex complies with all the necessary requirements for the long-term and convenient storage of biological materials. Accompanied by features like:

  • 30% reduced power consumption
  • No frost
  • Customized automatic control system
  • Emergency electric power supply system
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Safe operation regardless of climate conditions, resistant to ambient temperatures from -50°С to +50°С
  • Low noise / absence of vibration
  • Stepless regulation of the refrigeration capacity from 30% to 100%

Configuration and options

  • size individually customized at client’s request
  • multi-storage design: it is possible to have multiple different temperatures in the range of -40°С to -80°С in one storage complex
  • customization of interior storage layout
  • cold room with internal equipment
  • refrigerating machine
  • interactive automatic control system with the operator’s remote control board
  • moisture trap
  • power current board, including frequency convertor
  • basic kit of control and measuring devices
  • thermally insulated air ducts
  • advanced control and measuring device kit
  • emergency alert system
  • UPS energy storage
  • emergency power supply system: diesel generator unit
  • remote monitoring system
  • on-site installation of the complex
  • connecting air ducts of the machine and the chamber
  • connecting air ducts with the cooling medium (outside air)
  • inside air ducts of the chamber


Humidity in the chamber is constantly maintained in the range of 0 – 2%, which makes defrosting unnecessary.

Using natural air as a working fluid reduces maintenance costs because there is no need to refill refrigerants, minimises human impact on the environment and serves as the safest alternative to conventional systems.

There is no need to refill or change oil and maintain oil system as ‘MIRAI Cold’ does not use any oil. Due to this feature the system is safer, costs less and has a longer service life.