Bio_for_newsWorld tendencies in biotechnologies and the potential of medical research development require а significant expansion of refrigerating powers for the high-quality storage of biosamples.

Modern progress suggests that the specific temperature range of -50°C to -80°C makes it possible to not only preserve a high quality of biomaterials, but also to extend their storage period. The latest huge up growth of the pharma and medicine industries, as well as demand for high-tech products, requires new standards and needs of low-temperature storage.

The most illustrative examples of blood components and biosample storage centres with a well-developed infrastructure are:
• The Bank of Biological Samples at Odense University Hospital (Denmark)
• National Biobank in Great Britain
• Biobank of the Medical University of Graz (Austria)

These and some other European projects show that low-temperature storage at -80 ° C becomes a mandatory attribute of research and scientific centres.

The world trend of growing popularity and demand for biobanks and low-temperature storage of biological samples have lead MIRAI INTEX to develop equipment, which operates with clean air instead of harmful Freon gases, and provides a cold room of any size with the temperature range of -50°C to -80°C. Eco-friendly air cycle refrigeration technology makes it possible to create modern and safe biobanks.