A new generation of refrigerating and HVAC equipment from MIRAI INTEX will be showcased for the first time at the Chillventa 2016 international specialized exhibition.

At the Chillventa 2016 international exhibition for refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation to be held in Nuremberg, Germany on October 11-13, MIRAI INTEX will display innovative refrigeration equipment for the first time: ‘MIRAI Cold’ refrigeration machine and ‘MIRAI Climate’ climate system. Visitors of the MIRAI INTEX stand will be able to see the premiere of modern high-tech climate and refrigeration equipment that uses air – the most available and environmentally safe refrigerant as a working fluid instead of Freon.

The ‘MIRAI Cold’ range of refrigeration machines is designed to solve tasks for industrial and commercial cooling, industrial freezing (including ultra-fast), and for storage at temperatures from -60°C to -80°C. The absence of refrigerants and oils determines the maximum possible ecological purity of ‘MIRAI Cold’, and the use of the energy generated by the turboexpander enables the system to consume power comparable to traditional Freon installations.

The ‘MIRAI Climate’ air climate system, which will also be showcased at the exhibition by the specialists of MIRAI INTEX, is a multimode thermal machine that works in the summer (t = +27…+50°C) as an air conditioner, and in winter (t = -50…+7°C) as a heat pump. If necessary, it can also operate in cooling mode. The main feature of the ‘MIRAI Climate’ system is its ability to provide high quality indoor air through a 100% fresh air inflow, while conventional air conditioners use the air circulating in the room.

Chillventa 2016 – international specialized exhibition on refrigerating equipment, air conditioning systems, ventilation and heat pumps. The exhibition was founded in 2008 and is held once every two years. At Chillventa 2016 the key problems of modern industry will be highlighted: energy efficiency development with cooling and air conditioning, renewable sources of energy and effective indoor air purification.